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At BA Group, we are building a team of transportation experts to solve the most complex challenges through sustainable mobility planning. As the urban environment intensifies, our services become increasingly vital, and our creative approach increasingly valued. We are known for our ability to solve the most complex issues and are a recognized leader in urban transportation planning.

We have grown steadily since our inception and continue to grow. Our technology and methodologies lead the industry, providing a strong foundation for practical and creative problem solving. Our success is attributed to our collaborative culture. Our projects are successfully delivered as a result of our teams which are established with a broad mix of experience levels and specific skill sets. We embrace enthusiastic creative thinking and benefit from knowledge sharing.

Our staff have a genuine curiosity and sincere devotion to our field. Our work environment is fast-paced, but friendly and supportive. This has made BA Group a rewarding place to work, where staff are encouraged to excel and employee dedication is recognized with excellent benefits. In addition to our professional collaborations, we participate in several team-building events every year.

We are always searching for qualified professionals who are passionate about transportation and problem solving. If you are interested in a starting a career in transportation, or looking to make a switch from another position, we encourage you to consider BA Group and send in an application.

BA Group is dedicated to supporting our full time staff through our great learning environment which we supplement through a comprehensive training and mentorship program. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a new graduate, BA Group provides a full-time mentorship program for all new employees who will help guide you in learning the transportation planning, engineering, and design skills that will become the bedrock for your future career. You’ll be given project tasks within our focussed disciplines and opportunities to apply your skill set within a team-based environment. Through hard work and practice BA Group instills the values of the “BA Way” which are collaboration, creativity, technical excellence and great client service.

Most importantly, you’ll be supported by your peers and senior staff throughout this experience and you’ll take ownership of your professional development.

To apply for a full-time role at BA Group, please submit your application package to:

At BA Group, our students work alongside our staff to learn the industry and the tools that we use to successfully deliver our projects. Students are given the opportunity to undertake tasks and responsibilities as part of the project team. They’re fully immersed in the consulting sector and will gain first-hand experience with the fundamentals. Successful students often return for subsequent work terms and as full-time staff.

Each student is paired with a professional as part of our student mentorship program, designed to help explore urban transportation planning and engineering principles with a specialized focus for the duration of the work term. Mentors regularly check-in and answer any questions related to current project work or professional development.

Application Deadlines:
Winter Term (January – April): Applications due by the end of September
Summer Term (May – August): Applications due by the end of January
Fall Term (September – December): Applications due by the end of May

To apply for a student role at BA Group, please submit your application package to: