If you’re pursuing a career in transportation engineering, BA Group offers an experience unique in Canada. As a recognized leader in urban transportation planning, BA Group has grown steadily and plans to keep growing. As the global urban environment intensifies, our services become increasingly vital, and our creative approach increasingly valued.

Steady growth and sincere devotion to transportation engineering have made BA Group a rewarding place to work over the years. Hard work is recognized with excellent benefits and a supportive environment where people can excel in their professional development. Our technology and methodologies lead the field, which provides a strong foundation for practical and creative problem solving.

Known for our ability to solve the most complex issues, BA Group is the perfect place for those who like a challenge. Our ideal candidate has a collaborative spirit and applies enthusiasm, creative thinking, and intellectual rigour to each transportation issue he or she encounters.

Located in midtown Toronto, BA Group’s work environment is fast-paced, but friendly and supportive. Our team is a dynamic mix of seasoned experience and fresh approaches that ensures our success in complex and creative projects.

In addition to our professional collaborations, we participate in several fundraising endeavours and team-building events every year.