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Sustainable Mobility Planning

Active transportation begins with the day-to-day pedestrian and cycling experience. These connections to high quality systems off-site are fundamental in shifting travel behaviour from auto dependency to active transportation. Careful bicycle and pedestrian planning becomes increasingly important as urban centres become more and more dense. Many cities are encouraging increased use of non-motorized transportation to decrease stress on streets, parking, transit, and the environment.

Our work focuses on thoughtful design such as creating on-site pedestrian and cyclist facilities and integrating design elements as part of a transportation demand strategy to reduce reliance on the automobile. BA Group consults on non-motorized transportation issues such as traffic demand management, safety, walkways, bike paths, bike security, and transit facilities interaction. We focus on creating well-designed facilities and connections that integrate pedestrian and cycling facilities to the surrounding network and public realm while supporting multiple user groups and abilities.

  • Implementation of Toronto Green Standards
  • Travel demand surveys
  • Pedestrian and cyclist surveys
  • Bicycle and non-motorized parking and operations planning
  • Operations design for pedestrians and cyclists