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Site Planning & Functional Design

Location, site access, public transit access, and the movement of vehicles and people are key factors to consider in the planning and physical design of major developments. BA Group works effectively with the client and other team members to create development plans supported by properly integrated transportation systems. We create innovative road design solutions with consideration of safety, traffic operations, capacity, site access, transit operations, and signal installation.

  • Identification of vehicular access and parking supply requirements
  • Truck access and loading area design
  • Access, parking and internal vehicular circulation systems design
  • Transit integration and pedestrian facilities design
  • Cost estimation
  • Project management and construction contract administration
  • Number and design of parking stalls support both functional and aesthetic objectives
  • Public transit facilities enhancing both the development program and the transit operation
  • Appropriately scaled pedestrian circulation systems linking complementary activity nodes with one another and with site access points, while minimizing conflicts with vehicular movements
  • Operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of truck service areas, loading bays, garbage handling facilities and other freight handling system components
  • Access routes with sufficient capacity and efficient connections to the site’s internal roads, service areas and parking