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Parking, Planning, Design & Management

BA Group passionately believes that parking is the most successful tool in transportation demand management, which results in better urban design and sustainable economic development. We provide comprehensive services regarding all aspects of parking from high level strategic planning and policy, to detailed design and operational planning. Our practice is both national and international in scope, with projects in Canada from coast to coast as well as in the United States, Mexico, the Middle East and the Far East.

  • Parking policy and strategy studies
  • Parking management and organization reviews
  • Parking by-law reviews
  • Business plan development and financial analysis
  • Parking demand studies
  • Joint public-private development assessment
  • Parking operations planning and evaluation
  • Parking operator selection and compensation analysis
  • Parking layout, vehicular circulation and ramp system design
  • Site access evaluation and optimization
  • Parking layout review to optimize new and/or existing parking facilities
  • Evaluation and specification of access/revenue control equipment needs
  • Pedestrian/vehicular wayfinding signage and graphics systems
  • Preparation of performance specifications for design-build projects and proposal evaluation
  • Effective municipal parking policies and bylaws
  • Integration of urban design, economic development and transportation demand management objectives
  • Achievement of financial, functional and aesthetic objectives
  • Optimum operating efficiency, traffic access and circulation
  • Minimal consumption of land and other capital resources
  • Appropriate levels of customer satisfaction and security
  • Maximum market penetration
  • Maximum asset value