Our Work

Moscow, Russia

A major development located at a downtown subway station, this project includes a retail and entertainment complex as well as a commercial office building. BA Group was retained during the construction of the project to address issues relating to access, parking, and loading.

Photo (cropped) courtesy of Syuqor Aizzat

Kiev, Ukraine

Located near downtown Kiev, the Lybid Plaza is one of the Ukraine’s first shopping centres. The plaza is a microcosm of the city’s downtown, with shopping, entertainment, commercial, and residential uses. BA Group provided advice regarding the best parking, loading and access solutions, which required specific care due to the plaza’s proximity to major highways, arterial roads, and subway stations.


Hapsburg Barracks is a castle-like structure in the heart of historic Prague. Mucha Centre was a redevelopment project that preserved the site’s historic value while offering a hotel and conference centre, cinemas and theatres, several levels of retail and office space, and three levels of underground parking. BA Group provided an efficient traffic access, parking, and circulation plan. The system was successfully integrated with adjacent subway and tram facilities, and worked within existing time-restrictions to auto access.