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Toronto, Ontario

BA Group is responsible for the planning and design of all urban transportation elements of the new redevelopment occuring at the Honest Ed's location at Bathurst and Bloor. The proposal builds on the promises the design team made to bring Toronto a new and complex brand of urbanism, raising the standards on many fronts, from heritage to sustainability to cycling and, crucially, urban design.

Etobicoke, Ontario

The Humbertown Master Plan reimagines this once state-of-the-art single-purpose community shopping plaza as a new vibrant mixed-use community, representing the latest thinking in planning, architecture and urban transportation. This new mixed-use community incorporates all the elements desired in a modern neighbourhood – function and beauty, activity and quiet, efficiency and sustainability, landmarks and context – and is properly integrated within its urban context.

This development won the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Excellence in Planning Award.

Toronto, Ontario

The Well is a mixed-use, multi-building development focussed on creating a highly exceptional public realm. The transportation programme is, in particular, supportive of non-automobile travel modes for prospective residents, employees and visitors of the site, while meeting the vehicular circulation, parking and loading demands of the site in a practical and responsive manner.