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Regent Park Revitalization 
Phases Four and Five

BA Group has provided transportation advisory services for the Regent Park Revitalization since 2005, when development plans and applicable zoning amendments were initially conceived for the original Regent Park Vision.  The development area of 69-acres encompasses five phases spanning Parliament Street, Gerrard Street, River Street and Shuter Street and houses over 12,500 residents.

The development area is undergoing a considerable transformation in view of the recent physical, social and economic contexts since the original vision. The new plan includes a new Toronto Public Library, increased affordable rental housing units, community space, and six new public streets connecting Oak and Gerrard Street, connecting all buildings to the Regent Park district energy system.

The Regent Park Revitalization Phases Four and Five is seeking to develop and approve a New Vision consisting of an iterative process to the site plan for several transportation components, notably streets, traffic operations, Travel Demand Management (TDM), parking, access, and loading. BA Group is also involved in the Community Outreach program, establishing employment opportunities within the Regent Park community.

Rendering courtesy of Karakusevic Carson Architects

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC)

SmartCentres has retained BA Group to assist them with urban transportation plans for 100 acres of land around the new VMC subway station. Our work has involved a complete update of the VMC Secondary Plan Street Network and concept plans, street area planning, and the new YRT bus terminal. We have helped SmartCentres with the approvals for various land uses, including seven residential towers and two mixed-use office buildings, including all related transportation planning and design support.

As part of the development plan for the overall Vaughan Metropolitan Centre area, BA Group provided transportation advisory services supporting the mixed-use YMCA / Office Building Application. We provided an assessment of the traffic impacts on the area road network. We provided functional design input to the loading facilities and parking structure intended to accommodate the site-related parking requirements. BA Group helped determine the appropriate road network to serve the site, including helping design suitable road rights-of-way. Our transportation study reviewed the multimodal transportation impacts of the site, including the pedestrian and bicycle impacts, and determined the required related bicycle facilities, such as bicycle parking and protected cycle tracks.

Image courtesy of Michael Muraz

East Harbour

BA Group has been involved in the redevelopment of a 60-acre Master Plan for the eastern portion of downtown Toronto, known as the East Harbour Master Plan precinct. BA Group is specifically involved with the 38 acres of land owned by Cadillac Fairview. 

The Master Plan creates a new mixed-use precinct in Toronto framed around a multi-modal transportation network of public transit infrastructure, public and private streets and development blocks.  The Master Plan integrates a new Transit Hub (Ontario Line station & Metrolinx GO) and the Broadview Streetcar extension as a major north-south spine through the site. 

An extensive micro-simulation model was produced using Vissim software to assist with the testing of alternative network/land use scenarios, aided as a visualization tool to demonstrate the functionality of the proposal.

Image of East HarbourImage courtesy of Cadillac Fairview Ltd + Urban Strategies Inc.

Brooklin North

The Brooklin Secondary Plan envisions significant growth in the Brooklin community in the Town of Whitby. BA Group has been retained to provide transportation advisory services related to the development of the Secondary Plan. BA Group’s initial role was to assist in preparing a comprehensive Block Plan for the North Brooklin Lands. More recently, we provided peer review and advisory services for the ongoing Brooklin North Major Roads Environmental Assessment process being undertaken to define a preferred design for the area collector roads.

To facilitate integration between the Plan of Subdivision applications, BA Group also prepared a comprehensive Multi-Resolution Transportation Model for the entire Secondary Plan area. The goal of the modelling was to provide a common basis for traffic forecasting for the various developments and EA processes planned or ongoing in the Secondary Plan; one that could produce detailed intersection-turning-movement-level traffic projections that integrate input from the Regional Macro (EMME) model. The model was prepared in close consultation with staff from the Region of Durham and Town of Whitby.

Most recently, BA Group has prepared Transportation Impact Studies for individual Plan of Subdivision Applications for the lands within the Brooklin North area. These studies rely on traffic modelling prepared as part of the Multi-Resolution Modelling process, and benefit from BA Group’s continuing role for the landowners. The ultimate aim of the modelling and forecasting exercise was providing detailed intersection-turning-movement-level traffic projections throughout the Brooklin development areas supportive of the Environmental Assessment and Plan of Subdivision processes comprehensively and consistently.

Photo of Brooklin NorthImage courtesy of BA Group

2150 Lakeshore BOulevard West

West Toronto, and specifically south Etobicoke, has been the subject of many City planning initiatives to revitalize and redevelop the site surrounding area including Humber Bay Shores and Mimico 20/20. Given its size and location, 2150 Lakeshore Blvd West has a significant role to play in the future vision of this area, with a unique ability to influence not only the urban fabric of the Humber Bay Shores neighbourhood but the mobility patterns of the surrounding area.

The Master Plan has been developed with the understanding that transportation advancement is the key to unlocking the potential to develop an integrated, active and attractive community in southwest Toronto.

Photo of 2150 Lakeshore Blvd WestImage courtesy of Allies + Morrison