Chris Asmanis B.Eng. (Hons)
Transportation Analyst

Chris joined BA Group in 2019 following four years of transportation engineering experience in both the private and public sectors in Melbourne. Chris completed his studies in Civil Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology in 2017.

Chris is passionate about evolving cities in a sustainable manner, allowing people to move efficiently between the places they need and want to be. Coming from Melbourne, he is able to draw from his prior experience and present unique ideas and thinking to projects and transportation challenges in Toronto.

Whilst in Melbourne, Chris consulted on projects including private developments and public realm improvements for both developers and various municipalities. He also spent some time in local government, where he assisted in the delivery of key road safety and amenity improvement projects. In Melbourne, Chris was also accredited as a Road Safety Auditor, inspecting new and existing road designs to determine any safety flaws requiring attention.

Chris provided both analysis and design services to a wide range projects from residential and commercial, to sports stadiums and traffic management schemes.

Within the private sector, Chris has detailed involvement in a wide range of projects including transportation impact studies, transportation master plans, functional road and car parking design and assistance with planning appeals.