Sydney Wren BA. BURPl
Transportation Analyst

Sydney joined BA Group in 2018 following the completion of the Post Baccalaureate program at Ryerson University’s School of Urban and Regional Planning. Sydney received an award from Ryerson University for Superior Performance in Advanced Planning Theory and was on the Dean’s List. In 2013, she graduated with honours from Queen’s University in Global Development.

Sydney’s interests in the transportation field include sustainable transportation, active transportation planning, transportation economics, and travel behaviour analysis. While following these interests at Ryerson University, Sydney researched and wrote papers comparing active transportation infrastrucutre and transit ticketing systems across different regions. One of Sydney’s studio projects required her team to analyze student and faculty movement in and around Ryerson’s campus in order to assess transportation opportunities on campus and in the surrounding area.

Now that Sydney has graduated she will be applying to become a candidate member of OPPI and will be working towards her full professional designation.