Luke Richardson P. Eng.
Senior Transportation Engineer

Luke joined BA Group in 2017 with six years of transportation engineering experience from Melbourne, Australia. He completed his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at Monash University in Australia in 2010, before commencing his career at a consulting engineering firm in Melbourne in 2011.

Luke brings with him a thorough understanding of the transportation landscape. He is passionate about playing a role in it’s future and has a keen interest in the advancement and promotion of sustainable transportation options as a viable alternative to the private vehicle.

Having worked as a consultant in both Melbourne and Toronto, Luke’s experience and knowledge in the transport field is diverse.

During his tenure in Melbourne, Luke was involved in a number of high profile projects and his experience encompassed all transportation engineering aspects of a project, including report preparation, design and traffic analysis.

Since commencing at BA Group, Luke has been involved with traffic analysis and the preparation of reports for numerous projects within the Greater Toronto Area across a variety of land uses.