Michael Giallonardo M.Pl.
Lead Transportation Analyst

Michael joined BA Group in 2017 following the completion of his master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Queen’s University. Previously, he has spent four years working professionally in transportation demand management, primarily on the Smart Commute program in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. In addition, Michael completed a co-op term with the City of Hamilton working in Policy Planning and Zoning By-law Reform. While at Queen’s University, Michael was awarded with the 2016 Stanley Lash Award and the 2017 Ida Mmari Memorial Award. He graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto Mississauga in 2012.

Since joining BA Group, Michael has been involved with a range of residential and mixed-use projects with a focus on parking management/feasibility studies and sustainable urban transportation planning.

Michael has previously presented at the ACT Canada Conference on Individualized Marketing in Transportation Demand Management on behalf of the City of Mississauga.

Michael has considerable experience working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS).