Adrian Lorion M.A.Sc., EIT

Adrian joined BA Group in the summer of 2014 after the completion of his Masters of Applied Science in Civil Engineering at Ryerson University. He previously completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Ryerson University as well. Adrian is currently an EIT member of PEO and is working towards a Professional Engineering license. He is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE).

Adrian has developed BA Group’s transportation modelling practice and advanced BA Group’s data analysis expertise as a leader of the modelling, simulation, and data analytics group. As a modelling and simulation technical expert, he applies operations research techniques to develop, calibrate and optimize multi-modal transportation network models to assess the projected impacts of proposed large-scale planning schemes and associated infrastructure improvements. This includes projects in the Toronto Port Lands, Humber Bay Shores area, and development areas in Durham Region.

He also oversees the training and development of about ten university co-op students each year, providing mentorship, guidance and taking them through basic and advanced modelling and simulation concepts allowing them to be both productive and valued technical contributors to project teams.