Dominic Bergeron B.Eng.

A native of Montreal, Dominic joined BA Group in 2014, following the completion of his undergraduate studies at McGill University and a four-month internship at BA Group. While at McGill, Dominic worked as a research assistant with Professor Luis Miranda-Moreno, where he contributed to a study on the impact of median-separated cycle tracks on the safety of cyclists. He also worked on a Canada-U.S. collaborative effort to evaluate the effectiveness of different innovative pedestrian and bicycle data collection methods.

Dominic’s past work ranges from using CCG-based software to perform traffic analysis for residential and mixed commercial-residential developments in downtown Toronto, to devising traffic projections for a future resource access road in Northern Ontario. He is currently working on the master plan for the potential expansion of a large hospital in Mississauga, on the traffic impact study for a residential development located by the Toronto waterfront, as well as on the planning of the future Seaton community, which will, when completed, be home to 70,000 new Pickering residents.