Alun Lloyd P. Eng

A member of the BA team since 1995, Alun has over 29 years of experience in transportation planning and engineering here in Canada and in the UK, where he began his career.

Alun has gained the respect of his peers and clients with his thorough and professional approach. His résumé includes hundreds of traffic, transportation, and parking studies, and the planning and design of site vehicular and parking systems in some of the most challenging of circumstances. He has a reputation for preparing excellent community and neighbourhood master and public realm plans. Alun also provides services relating to the planning of roadway schemes and traffic management during construction projects, and he has successfully represented clients at public meetings and at the Ontario Municipal Board. 

Having worked extensively within urban areas, Alun is intimately familiar with the transportation challenges surrounding the successful integration of new development into complex urban environments.

From 2004 to 2006, Alun was a member of the City of Toronto Roundtable On A Beautiful City, which reported to the Mayor and City Council and focused on developing a clean, vibrant, and beautiful City of Toronto.