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A photo of a pair of running shoesWith Ontario in lockdown and remote work continuing over 1 year later, a fun (and competitive) fitness challenge was proposed by Kristie Ellis for the month of May to encourage staff to get outdoors and exercise.

Staff were challenged to complete 100 km (each) by walking or running throughout the month. The 54 participants were divided into 13 teams to encourage individual participation, connect BA staff through a social challenge, and of course, to fuel BA’s competitive nature.

The BA Walk / Run challenge was a tremendous success!. In total, BA Staff walked / ran 6,826 km during the month of May! This is the equivalent length of 525,000 City of Toronto Type ‘G’ loading spaces or further than travelling from Vancouver, BC to St John’s, Newfoundland!!

Here are some impressive statistics:

  • Over half the company participated (54 people!), including our students.
  • A total of 6,826 km were completed over the course of the month (that’s an average of 126 km per person).
  • 74% of participants completed the 100km challenge.
  • 11 of the 13 teams averaged more than 100 kms.

Team Accomplishments:

  • First Place – averaged 191 kms per person
  • Second Place – averaged 184 kms per person
  • Third Place – averaged 174 kms per person

Individual Accomplishments:

  • Most KMs:
    • Deanna Green (387 kms)
  • Over 200 KMs:
    • Sheila Muir
    • Carlos Correia
    • Diego Mendoza
    • Tony Shih
    • Dave Durocher
    • Ryan Williams
  • Longest Distance Travelled in one Day:
    • Margot Linker (42.2 km)
    • Tony Shih (30 km)
    • Ryan Williams (29 km)

Thanks to all staff who participated and to Kristie Ellis for organizing!

Image courtesy of Unsplash.


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