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Well done everyone! Thank you for participating in BA Group’s fourth 100km Walk / Run challenge this Spring. More than half of participants (35 of 50 people) walked 100km or more!

In total we covered 6,090 kms over the month (equivalent to walking to the Nicaragua / Costa Rica border)!

Team Accomplishments: (teams with all members completing 100km)

First Place – Team 7 (Clara, Kaylene, Rawan and Tony S)

Second Place – Team 6 (Christie, John, Pooja and Tim)

Third Place – Team 10 (Cristina, Lauren, Sheila, Vuk)

Individual Accomplishments:
Most kilometres goes to Victoria Lane with an impressive total of 304 km and a VERY close second place to Tony Shih with 303 kms!

Honourable mentions with more than 200 km include Carlos Correia, Clara Fillipetti, Lauren O’Grady and Alex Lee.


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