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BA Group is pleased to announce the promotion of several individuals who have joined the management of our firm! These new associates have made significant contributions to our firm and are important parts of our company’s future.  Congratulations to the following individuals!


Claudia Sanchez, P.Eng., promoted to Associate.

Luke Richardson, P.Eng., promoted to Associate.

Mohammad Bari, P.Eng., promoted to Associate.

Nigel Fung, P.Eng., promoted to Associate.

Tony Shih, P.Eng., promoted to Associate.

Vuk Uskokovic, P. Eng., promoted to Associate.

Andrew Pasco, promoted to Manager, Data Collection.





We also recognize the promotion of two of our employees to Lead Transportation Analyst.  The lead level represents the point where an individual has attained a solid understanding of their technical practice area.  These individuals have started to demonstrate their leadership abilities in matters of technical proficiency.  They also act as a resource and mentor for entry level staff. It is an important step towards becoming a transportation consultant within our firm. Congratulations to the following individuals for taking this important step!


Monica Miranda, promoted to Lead Transportation Analyst

Augie Habesch, promoted to Lead Transportation Analyst



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