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Nine years into construction and commuter confusion at Union Station, the Downtown Toronto transit hub's  revitalization has been overshadowed by missed deadlines, contractor woes, and a swelling price tag. Despite the negative attention though, sections that have opened have been received well, and progress continues behind the hoarding in other areas. A media tour this morning, led by Frank Molinari, Manager of Capital Construction for the City of Toronto, provided an update on the massive project.

The first place visited was the Front Street west moat—recently re-branded as 'TD Carriageway'—where a new glass and steel skylight now shelters the space from the elements. It will be lined with retail, with finishings designed by Partisans for Union's retail developer Osmington. Covering the moats—including the Front Street east moat and the York and Bay Street moats—IS a combined 26,000 ft² of glazing supported by 437 metric tonnes of steel.

The new food court below the GO York Concourse opened at the end of 2018, and has proven to be very popular. It joined a handful of fast food counters on the concourse level itself and sit-down restaurants in an area called the Front Street promenade to the north of it. The addition of even more food and shopping options will cement the station as a destination, instead of just a conduit to other destinations. Aside from the moat-fronting spaces shown above, another significant space is the upcoming Fresh Market, a curated collection of independent retail spaces that represent the unique qualities of different neighbourhoods around the city, offering what was described to media as "the best of Toronto without leaving the station." Located before the VIA Concourse, Fresh Market vendors will be geared towards (but not exclusive to) food products for people to take home with them.

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