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BA Group was retained in 2011 by the Seaton Landowners’ Group to provide a variety of transportation planning services in connection with securing approvals to advance the early development of the Seaton Urban Area of the Central Pickering Development Plan.  The plan calls for a population of up to70,000 residents and 30,000 employees.  BA Group undertook an analyses of the requirement for external arterial road improvements required to support the Phase One development program, and prepared transportation related documentation for the Staged Servicing and Implementation Plan.  The work was undertaken in coordination with the Master Environmental Servicing Plan Amendment and the City and Regional Fiscal Impact Studies. 


BA Group also worked with the Region of Durham and the Seaton Landowners’ Group to resolve and rationalize the local road system in terms of suitable intersection spacing within the constraints imposed by a very unusual neighbourhood configuration associated with the Natural Heritage System. BA Group prepared a comprehensive computer-based traffic model that provided traffic volume estimates for all of the existing and planned collector and arterial roads in the community.  This model was used as a basis for recommendations with respect to intersection control, phasing of traffic signal implementation and lane configurations and for preparing a traffic operations analysis for the complete community.  

As the entire matter was before the Ontario Municipal Board, BA Group participated with others in discussions relating to mitigation of the overall traffic impact and the requisite phasing of roadway infrastructure elements. These discussions ultimately led to a settlement agreement and a Board Order granting approval for the development of the community.

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