Recent Graduates

If you are a recent graduate of a transportation-related post-secondary degree or diploma program, BA Group is interested in hearing from you.

BA Group is committed to ensuring new employees develop into fully qualified and competent team members. We have recently established an innovative initiative for new employees.

The two-year program is divided into four six-month periods, tailored to the employee, and founded with specific objectives for training, professional accomplishment, and qualifications. New employees will be guided through BA Group’s core business areas and be trained in the skills to become experts in their field. The two-year plan will be supported by regular reviews and conversations about the employee’s progress.

General components covered in the program may include:

  • professional development (enrolment in appropriate affiliations);
  • continuing education (seminars and course material to encourage well-rounded development);
  • communication (including writing and public speaking); and
  • in-house skill sets (what sets the BA Group team apart in our practice).