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1950 to 1973

Barton Aschman Associates Inc. (BAA) inception and practice development in Canada prior to the creation of Barton-Aschman Canada Ltd. (BACL) in Toronto. 

1974 to 1985

Barton-Aschman Canada Ltd. was incorporated under the Business Corporation Act of Canada on January 4, 1974 and began operations in April 1974. 

Early projects include Humber Bay "motel strip" redevelopment, Central Erin Mills, St. Bruno and Carrefour Laval regional shopping centres of Montreal. 

1984 to 1994

During this period, a number of significant projects were obtained, chief among them being studies relating to the transportation implications of the Skydome in 1989.

1994 to 1999

Between 1992 and 1996, a number of major projects in the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere were secured by the Company, thus contributing significantly to its ongong recovery from a severe recession.

Examples include:

• the Westnor residential/mixed use development at Yonge and Avondale;

• work on three large mixed use development projects in Mexico City; 

• the Distillery District;         

• the Direct Energy Centre and 

• Sheppard Subway's Leslie Street Station 

In 1999, the Company celebrated 25 years of continuous professional practice in Toronto with a party for clients and colleagues held at The Badminton & Racquet Club of Toronto located adjacent to its new premises on St. Clair Avenue. The Company determined to focus its practice on transportation planning and functional design with emphasis on urban development and renewal process. During this time, the company also updated its logo and graphic motif.  

2000 to 2006

Between 2000 and 2007, the Company undertook a large number of significant, challenging projects that were not only satisfying, but which also significantly raised the profile and reputation of the Company. Examples of such projects include:

 • Toronto Bid for the 2008 Olympic Games

 • Vaughan Mills Mall

 • Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation

 • Amman Master Plan

 • East Bayfront Precinct Plan

 • Fort York Neighbourhood Plan

 • Woodbine LIVE!

 • Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

BA Logo from Rebranding in the 80's

2007 to 2012

During this period, the Company undertook a significant restructuring and adopted a comprehensive new shareholders’ agreement enabling it to expand the participation of Associates and other senior employees as Shareholders. At that time, the number of employee shareholders increased from four (McBride, Bond, Middlebro' and Yates) to eleven (Vince Cudia, John Barrington, Doug Hall, Alun Lloyd, Tim Arnott, Scott Gibbons and Maureen McCann).

2013 to Present

BA Group is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary this year following a successful rebrand created by Hagon Design. 

BA Group Logo

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